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04 Nov

We Suggest You Make Us $$$$

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a young and often apparently fearful industry, which relies on the life-giving warmth of Google for sustenance.

As such, there’s now a well-established core of tiresome new media people, and SEOs, who take the opportunity to claim the sun’s falling from the sky each time Google make even the most cosmetic of changes. Despite all the yapping, none of these changes have bought about the SEO industry’s armageddon . Yet. (Though  this gent thinks it’s likely fairly soon, others disagree).

Today, the company appeared to be testing paid search results within the search engine’s suggest bar, thereby encroaching their paid search platform (which they like) into the realm of the SEO folk (who are nothing, absolutely nothing, to them).

The dimmly-lit blue results took us straight to the advertiser’s landing page from the search bar.

No doubt this will, if rolled out as a standard feature, be useful for confusing the average user into clicking those costly links delivered by the company’s increasingly diffuse AdWords platform (as well as making any Mechanical Turk based manipulation even more irrelevant).